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Immersion Program in Mozambique

The project group will spend 6 days outside the capital of Maputo, in Matola Rio.

Participants will travel via SUVs, driven by local Mozambican and CY guides. The group will undergo shared experiences, such as time spent in Maputo’s largest dump where hundreds live and work, a large scale agricultural project, an orphanage caring for terminally-ill children, a micro-loan enterprise and an additional opportunity will be provided to spend twenty-four hours experiencing life in a local village.

There will also be some individually tailored experiences to match participants’ interests and skills. For example:

  • • an entrepreneur might have a meeting with local
     community business leaders and relevant
     government agencies
  • • an artist might experience a local arts
     education program
  • • an educator might tour local schools
  • • a health professional might interact with those doing
     innovative work with HIV and other life
     threatening illnesses prevalent in Africa
  • • a journalist might meet with representatives from
     the local media

Participants will stay at the CY facility, a locally built house in the community of Motola Rio.

Each evening participants will share a home cooked meal prepared by local chefs. During this intimate setting, joined by a Mozambican dinner guest, participants will debrief the day. Guests will range from government officials to business, NGO, and community leaders and members.

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