While Mozambique has more recently enjoyed impressive growth rates, according to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the number of small and medium-sized enterprises are lagging far behind. This is caused by conditions related to almost every aspect such as a lack of education among the population, insufficient markets to buy products, a lack of access to capital and the time it takes to register a business.

While there is an increasing amount of programs and funding available to help aspiring entrepreneurs, it is primarily available to the top segment of the population living near the capital.

The Initiative

CouldYou? acquired a small water company in November 2016 as a sustainable solution to providing water to Gumbane Village. The company’s private clients allow us to deliver water to the village and will provide jobs for two people.  100% of the profits from this water company will be used for other community projects and potentially to help start another company to fabricate bricks.  CY is also exploring ways to support local entrepreneurs who would typically not have access to mentoring and funding, such as people who live in villages. We are also exploring opportunities to support the development of tech hubs and businesses.


Entrepreneurship plays a critical role for Mozambique, contributing to the economic growth of the country as well as creating the innovating solutions necessary to solve many of its challenges. As people increase their skills, income and pride, it will truly change the nation and help to lift it out of poverty.