The Initiative

Inspired by the work of CouldYou?, Houston-based rapper Bizzle, created an album entitled “Well Wishes” and donated 100 percent of the profits to CouldYou? to bring water to the 1,500 people living in Gumbane Village in Mozambique for the first time.

CouldYou? worked with the Chissano Foundation to build five water towers with tanks across the village.  They also established a structure for village leaders to carefully monitor and manage the usage of the water. In April 2016, the water towers were complete. This milestone was celebrated through multiple events including an inauguration by former President JoaquimChissano’s Foundtaion and a visit from Bizzle and his wife. In seeking a sustainable solution, the community then acquired a small water truck to deliver water to Gumbane Village as well as to other clients.


As a result of this initiative, 1,500 people in Gumbane Village have access to clean water for drinking, cooking and washing. This is improving the quality of health within the village and giving people time back for more valuable activities, especially girls and women. In addition, CouldYou? is bringing clean drinking water to Chihango Village, impacting another 1500 people.