CouldYou? is passionate about people living their life to the fullest potential without the fear of deadly bug bites. We’re focused on sharing LivFul’s patented enhanced nature-based repellent with people all over the world to protect them from diseases like malaria, chikungunya, Dengue fever, Zika virus and Lyme disease.

Malaria Prevention

Max Repellent

CouldYou? brings MAX Repellent- an effective, safe, nature-based repellent – to low-income earning or disenfranchised people, in a sustainable manner, to protect them and their families from insect-borne diseases. Underscoring this mission is our unwavering core standard that each life is valuable. That each life is worth fighting for.

Livful Solution

LivFul creates technology that powers products to repel biting insects. Our patented plant-based controlled-release technology works with repellent products to make them skin friendly and more effective for long periods of time. It’s real protection for people – wherever they are – day or night, indoors or outdoors.

We can save more than the company picnic. We can save your life.


LivFul’s premier product is an enhanced nature-based repellent that combines gentle, natural ingredients with a patented technology that keeps bugs from biting.

After a short time, traditional repellents are absorbed into the skin or evaporated by the sun. A day or night spent outside requires frequent applications. Our enhanced IR3535® nature-based repellent formula with STAYTECH™, a long-lasting repellent technology, remains on the skin to protect for more than 16 bite-free hours.

Our DEET-free formula is sweat- and rub-off-resistant, hypoallergenic and virtually scent-free. This revolutionary repellent can safely protect everyone over two-months-old. In fact, it was made with families in mind.

We imagine a world where people are protected from biting insects that carry disease. Our enhanced natural repellent can change the way people live, work and play. At LivFul, we like to say, “If you don’t get bit, you don’t get sick.”

Founder’s Story

Growing up a happy child in Nigeria, LivFul Founder and CEO Hogan Bassey dealt with a common problem – malaria.

By the time he was 10, Hogan had already suffered through several bouts of the life-threatening disease. Determined to thwart the miserable mosquitoes that delivered the disease to himself and his friends, Hogan gathered a few household products and mixed up a batch of simple – and somewhat effective – homemade mosquito repellent in the family bathtub. His “success” in disease prevention and problem-solving motivated him to create a company that would fight disease, save lives and transform communities around the world.

Global Impact

Each year more than 600 million people suffer from insect borne diseases such as malaria, Dengue fever, yellow fever, chikungunya, Lyme disease and Zika virus. These diseases take a heavy toll on humanity.  People suffer, lives are lost and work comes to a stop, often leading to a cycle of poverty.

Insecticidal nets, home sprays and traditional repellents can help fight off the biting insects that cause diseases, but these measures can be impractical all day and night or can expose the family to chemicals that are inhaled or absorbed into the skin.

When we began this journey toward repelling deadly bugs, we wondered if an effective, easy-to-use, family-friendly way to prevent bug bites was possible, and if it was, what would that mean?

Now we know. It’s possible, it’s available and it will change the world.