The CouldYou? approach to international development is unique in many ways. These special aspects of the CouldYou? model have helped us to earn a seat at the table in some very special conversations and initiatives that are changing the nation of Mozambique.

Partnership Not Aid

According to The Guardian, in 2014, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries spent a combined $135 billion on aid globally. CouldYou? takes a unique approach to development. While aid most certainly has an important role, we believe in partnering with the smartest people on the ground who know what will work, and surrounding them with partnership and assistance to help address gaps. We find that partnering with African leaders creates African solutions to African problems which are more successful and sustainable than those developed from the outside.

CouldYou? has a wide range of close relationships with leaders in Mozambique ranging from those in the government to tribes to NGOs to churches. We act as a facilitator, advisor and connector, assembling the right people to address serious challenges and opportunities together.

Scalable Solutions

While CouldYou? has deep relationships and passion for Mozambique, we are always looking for solutions which can scale, not just throughout the country, but across the continent and even to other emerging nations. We are proud to partner with Mozambicans as they implement innovative solutions to poverty which can be used by others as well.  In the words of Joaquim Chissano, Former President of Mozambique, “I believe, together with CouldYou?, we can be a beacon of light to the continent.”

Uplifting the Whole Population

CouldYou? focuses on initiatives that uplift the entire population, including those at the bottom. We also believe in the importance of holistic solutions. For example, a hungry child will struggle to learn, and an educated child will struggle to thrive if there are no jobs.

CouldYou? focuses in 2 areas of development:

Connecting Deepest Gladness With the World’s Deep Need

CouldYou? appreciates the elegance in matching people of integrity and influence from the West who are seeking to make a difference, with just the right immersion experiences and initiatives in Africa. This not only leads to more successful solutions, but to deep relationships and personal transformation as well.