”Our mission is to work with African leaders and organizations to develop African solutions to African problems, while helping individuals to find their own unique contribution to impact poverty.”

Why do some people have too much to live with, but too little to live for? Why do some enjoy every material comfort, yet live in dissatisfaction with the feeling that something is missing? On the other hand, how do others endure poverty and insufferable conditions daily with an exuberant spirit of hope and joy?

What would happen if these two worlds collided?

Since its inception in 2007, CouldYou? has established itself as a respected non-profit organization that connects, consults and offers transformational travel to Africa to enable people of integrity and influence from the West to partner with African leaders of integrity to address serious challenges. We believe that the line between giver and receiver dissolves when relationship and authentic experience are desired.

We are committed to creating holistic solutions, building a better world for future generations, and doing business with integrity. We believe it is an honor to be part of shaping the future of the continent, and we treat this opportunity with the respect and moral obligation that it deserves.

“Transforming the Few to Transform the World”

Through innovative, individually tailored immersion programs in Mozambique, CouldYou? provides people with an authentic local experience. We help participants utilize their skills in order to impact social change—and transform their own lives in the process.

We approach this immersion in a unique way that sets us apart from others.  Our purpose is to:

  • Break down the barriers that isolate humans from each other
  • Address a need that a community requests—not one imposed upon it
  • Maintain integrity and respect for the host community
  • Create a space for individuals to experience a realistic, relational, and multifaceted view of poverty
  • Provide a network of mentors and peers to help move ideas into action
  • Meet the needs of participants by providing the catalysts—and tools—to change their lives